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Contact Rubber provides parts and services to the Extrusion, Transportation, Mining and Manufacturing Industries. We understand the need for on time delivery. Hence even the smallest machine component is designed and inspected with utmost care. We go above and beyond industry standards to assure customer satisfaction.


Contact Rubber is a rubber product manufacturer specializing in supplying customers in the rubber and plastic extrusion industry. We have decades of experience in manufacturing puller belts and cleat-chain assemblies based on customer requirements. 


In the recent years, Contact Rubber has also become a partner of choice in the transportation industry by supplying complex molded components such as suspension systems, bumpers, couplers, bushings and tracks.


Besides the Transportation, Extrusion and Mining Industries, Contact Rubber supplies products for various other applications. This ranges from water proof gaskets to furniture leg caps. 


Equipment used in this industry require superior resistance in abrasive and detrimental environments. Contact Rubber has the know-how in Rubber and Polyurethane technology and has pioneered products which can resist the inhibition experienced in extreme environments.

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