Industry Sectors


Ever since the beginning of the industrial era, there have been two inventions which have been greatly irreplaceable, fire and flywheel. Energy in any form is something which is of paramount importance. In the pursuit to efficiently utilize this energy to travel faster and cheaper, there are forces which require efficient alleviation. This is where our innovative potential becomes the robust ally to the transportation industry.

In our efforts to enhance our degrees of freedom, we have ventured into all the three states of matter, water, land and air. Contact rubber is proud to have the capability to provide products to the aerospace, railway, roadway and marine industry. Being a distinguished member of the “Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers”, product quality is not only our responsibility, but the honor which fosters our work ethic. We believe that the ISO 9001 Certification which we have is another feather in our cap, which glorifies our rigorous effort to be better than ourselves each day. We give strong emphasis to the fact that in the transportation Industry, the character of an organization has a binary outcome. A miscalculation from our end is capable of great catastrophes and we rigorously invest in Research and Development to assure that our products bloom into soaring levels of safety.

This is the reason why in certain classes of products, we do gross testing to avoid even the slightest possibility of a failure in service. The inhibition which rubber experiences in different environments is different. The biting temperatures of the Arctic Circle to the chemical effects of aircraft fuels call for deep knowledge in material science to assure that the metal to rubber contact remains perpetual. Our experience in this domain has taught us to design according to the scenario of exposure. The material selection and polymer guidelines helps the customer to choose the ideal raw materials for their products.

We have definitely come a long way since our conception and we strongly believe that we have a long way to go to reach our destination which is unique to us. ‘KAIZEN’ is the word used by pioneers for the process of emerging from absolute nothingness to unprecedented greatness. This motivates us to be humble, learn and improve each day.