Testing Facilities

Rubber is a really phenomenal material. The ability to undergo exorbitant stresses and be able to repossess the original configuration is something which nature provides to only a few. Rubber tapped from nature come in the form of long chain polymer compounds. These long chain compounds have a repeating unit which is called a monomer. Long chain of monomers repeating, form a co-polymer.

In order to be fully robust, natural rubber chains need cross linking. This is done with the help of sulphur. Besides sulphur, there are numerous other additives which give the rubber its properties upon curing. This is where a Rheometer comes to play. A Rheometer is a device which helps us to determine how we should mold our rubber. When it comes to molding, there are basically just three parameters which require close monitoring, time, temperature and pressure. The Rheometer helps us to determine this for the various rubber compounds which we buy from around the world.

Our Finished products are tested statically and dynamically. The presence of our universal testing machine helps us to determine how much load our products are capable to endure. Stringent sampling procedures for destructive testing ensure that the products going out meet our strict quality standards. When we are approached to make custom parts for specified applications, we design and test using Finite Element Analysis. This helps us to make design modifications without having to follow the conventional approach of ‘make and test’. With the help of Finite Element Analysis, CAD softwares help us to predict the stress, fatigue, static and dynamic response of the products we make.

With the advent of additive manufacturing technology, we are approaching an era where Computer Aided Manufacturing will ensure extreme efficiency. Presently we use 3D printing for prototyping certain products. With technology advancing at the pace of light and rubber being an irreplaceable commodity for elastic applications, the future looks brighter than ever before and our intention is to not only survive but to thrive as a pioneer in this domain.