Suspension Systems

Contact Rubber has excelled in making advanced suspension systems for the roadways, railways and the metro industry. The major products offered are Chevron Springs, Sandwich mounts, Spherical Bearings, Bushes, Buffers and Cone Mountings. The high accuracy and precision exhibited by the in-house machine shop, with the state-of-the-art knowledge of rubber and rheology, give Contact Rubber the ability to manufacture absolutely any design our customers would require.

Chevron Springs: These are rubber –metal assemblies which help to absorb vibrations which occur across multiple axes. This is majorly used in railway suspensions and other applications where force dissipation is effective through compression and shearing action.

Sandwich Mounts: Sandwich Mounts could be of rectangular or circular cross-section. They are used as vertical mounts as well as bumpers for impact absorption. They are also used in applications where isolation is required from the surroundings.

Bushes: They consist of an inner and outer tube with a layer of vulcanized rubber in between. They are useful to replace mechanical linkages which are prone to axial deformation. They can also be designed to make up for manufacturing tolerances.

Spherical bearings: These bushes consist of inner and outer metal which are contoured. They form a ball-joint. They are designed to withstand high radial and axial loads and allow conical and torsional displacement and misalignments.

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Buffers: Buffers are rubber – metal assemblies designed to absorb impact forces. It is generally made of a more hardened rubber compound and is capable to withstand the abrupt forces involved during sudden braking of railways and metros.

Cone Mounting: These are mounts which help to stress the rubber with shear and compressive forces. This helps in making a more compact mount with enhanced load endurance. The angle of the cone may be customized according the load ratings. This could be considered as a fail-safe method of anti-vibration mounting.