Rubber Rollers

Contact Rubber Inc with its vast experience in rubber molding has constantly provided rolls of superior quality to various industries.

A major quality required for a good roller is ample traction. We produce rubber sleeves that can be grooved according to customer traction requirements. Patterns can be customized with specific applications.

For recovered rollers, the sleeve is first stripped if required, then sandblasted, degreased and chemically prepared with a primer and adhesive prior to molding. The rubber sleeve can then be molded or mandrel wrapped and bonded to the reconditioned core. The result is a vulcanized bond that is as strong as the original roller. The final dimensions are lathe ground to exacting tolerances with the required surface finish.

Optimum efficiency requires machinery to be functional at all time. Contact Rubber Inc understands this need. We coordinate our activities with our customer’s maintenance programs that allow little to no downtime. Our customers could choose to have the sleeves replaced without having to invest in steel cores. Our experience and advanced Design Engineering Technology help our customers design modifications for sleeves and cores based on associated application.

Contact Rubber supply superior quality rolls to the following industries:

  • Paper and Tissue
  • Corrugated
  • Woodworking
  • General Industry