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Extrusion can be defined as the process of manufacturing a part of fixed cross section profile. This is done by pushing a material through a die of the desired cross section. This process of pushing a material through a die happens due to the forward shearing action initiated by a screw turning at a low RPM within a barrel.

Extruders could have just a single barrel or multiple barrels. Contact Rubber is a rubber product manufacturer specializing in supplying customers in the rubber and plastic extrusion industry. These rubber/plastic processors can range from piping, tubing, fencing, railing, and deck manufacturers to rubber sealing and extremely complicated window and door profiles for customized applications.

One effect which has been an unsolicited ally to the extrusion industry is the concept of “Die Swell”. The extrudate which comes out of the effects of high temperature and pressure within the extruder, upon reaching atmospheric conditions, expand in cross sectional area and volume. This results in products which are off from the desired dimensional tolerance. This is where our products become indispensable. The extrudate is gripped between our puller cleats, or rubber pads, and conveyed at a specific speed. The resistance which our cleats offer prevents the effects of “Die swell”. The speed at which the cleats convey are an important factor as well.

This continuous process of gripping and conveying puts stress on the metal rubber interface. This is one region which is prone to failure. Our products stand out due to superior adhesion between the rubber and the aluminum base. We have a wide range of choices for the types of rubber used. We have the ability to supply according to the hardness requested by the customer. The aluminium channels could be customised according to the customer requirements. Products are supplied as individual cleats or as cleat & chain assemblies.