Industry Sectors


Besides the Transportation and Extrusion Industries, Contact Rubber supplies products for various other applications. This ranges from water proof gaskets to furniture leg caps. The presence of our in-house machine shop with advanced CNC machines, gives us the ability to manufacture our molds with exceptional accuracy and precision.

Our expertise from the transportation industry gives us a crystal clear understanding about the concepts of vibration and the need to ensure that forces don’t amplify due to resonance. This permits us to design based on the specific needs of the customer. We can design for aesthetics, sealing applications and for vibration isolation.

Our ability to cater to a wide spectrum of industries has helped us to inherit the art of pricing our products, to ensure that the customer’s business break-even targets are achieved with the highest efficiency. We strongly believe that this helps us outshine our competition. The technology we use varies between compression, injection and transfer molding. Depending on the mechanical properties and characteristics required by the customer, we adopt the most suitable method of manufacturing. Gaskets are used in applications where a liquid is prevented from passing onto a specific region. They could be located amidst a lot of mechanical components and it may not always be possible to inspect and service these components.

Our products are inherently designed to endure the test of time and fatigue. O rings are a critical component in many applications. They are of specific importance when it comes to valves. Our o-rings last longer and are less prone to failures due to cracking.

Our major products are compression molded for the following reasons:

  • Ability to produce more intricate products
  • Fewer knit lines
  • Faster production
  • Wider selection range of raw materials