Custom Molded Parts

Compression molding is a molding technique widely used in the rubber industry to shape precise parts. The material is generally heated, inserted in a die or mold and compressed into the desired shape.

Contact Rubber is a leading custom manufacturer of precision molded rubber parts and components for established and emerging technologies and industries. We are focused and committed to supplying components for quality and value-sensitive industrial/OEM applications. Compression molding is preferred to other techniques because it lends itself well to the creation of large and complex products. While compression molding provides outstanding results, it does require considerable knowledge and expertise to obtain optimum results. Contact Rubber has mastered the techniques required to produce high quality products. From mold design to production runs, we have the necessary know-how to handle your projects.

Custom Part Custom Part

Our team of experts works in close collaboration with our customers to develop efficient solutions that will maximize your engineering methods, quality, product performance, and delivery requirements. We can manufacture anything and everything, from large parts to intricate products. With our highly equipped in-house machine shop, we are able to offer a custom compression molding service that is both quick and efficient.

Our worldwide clientele has come to trust us for all their rubber parts and components. For more information about compression molding, please contact one of our representatives.