Custom Design

Innovation is inevitable in today’s business scenario. Being up to date with technology is an absolute necessity. Custom designs are an integral part of innovation. We totally understand this need on the customers end and work hand in hand with them to ensure that we carry out as much iterations as required to meet the customer’s needs to innovate.

Our engineering division has the perfect track record of working with companies at various levels to develop products which are absolutely groundbreaking. Innovation is a by product of passion and patience. These qualities are the major driving forces to our engineers. Testing becomes more important when it comes to custom designs. Since the product is new, the lack of sufficient service history does not aid in determining the service fatigue. In these cases, we do 100 % static and dynamic testing to establish a log of wear pattern and iterate to improve the design accordingly.

Before we resort to bulk manufacturing and mold making, we 3d print to check the dimensions and assemble ability. It is only after multiple levels of verification that we supply to the customer.

We follow a sequential 6 step process when we do custom designs.

  • Make accurate and precise measurements of the parts to be made.
  • Make a 3d model using CAD softwares and assemble it to the existing model.
  • Run simulations to analyse the effect of loads and vibrations.
  • Optimize to enhance performance based on Finite Element Analysis.
  • Make prototypes and test for static and dynamic loads.
  • Develop Mold design and molding process according to the customer’s budget and product complexity.